Do you have a Smart TV and want to enjoy Mitele to see on-demand content ? The problem with this is that you will have to activate Mitele on Smart TV with a code but… how is this done? Stay until the end to know how to connect MiTele to Smartv TV Samsung, LG or any brand since this method is universal .

Download Mitele For Smart TV

The first thing we must do is download Mitele for Smart TV directly from the Samsungs Apps store or the LG market of our Smart TV .

The MiTele Application Asks Me For A Code To Activate User On Smart TV, What Do I Do?

Once you have entered Mitele through your Lg or Samsung Smart TV it tells you that you need a code to activate the application on your smart TV device . Ok don’t panic this is very easy to fix.

My TV Enter Code Smart TV

From our Smart TV it will tell us that we must enter our PC or our mobile in an direction to activate Mitele on Smart TV with a code that is provided to us . We only have to enter the following address , from our Smartphone or computer:

Once inside we will see a screen like this, in which we must log in with our user account or enter Facebook .

Once inside, we must enter the Mitele code of our Smart TV on our Smartphone or PC.

Now, both on our Smartphone and on our Mitele app on Smart TV , a message will appear telling us that we are already linked.

With these simple steps we have activated the Mitele user on Smart TV .

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