How to Activate Movistar Plus Easy and Fast

Movistar+ is a video-on-demand service from the Telefónica telecommunications group. This group created this service within the Canal+ package in October 2011.

The platform evolved into what is now known as Movistar+. This is a huge audiovisual content platform linked to Movistar and it is a service offered by the telephone company itself to its users when contracting the fiber and mobile packages. This time we are going to learn how to activate Movistar+ easily and quickly .

What Happened With Yomvi?

Yomvi was an on-demand audiovisual content service within the Telefónica group. Since its inception, users could only enjoy the Yomvi service by including it as if it were a package from the telecommunications company, that is, one more service is included for which they will pay within the conventional telephone, fiber and ADSL.

On August 8, 2016, Movistar removed its Yomvi platform and was renamed Movistar+ . The idea of ​​these two platforms is the same, they offer audiovisual content such as series, movies, documentaries and even their own programs.

Movistar+ is an online video-on-demand system that has not stopped growing since 2016.

What is Movistar Plus and what services does it offer?

Movistar+ is an audiovisual content platform that is grouped within the telephone packages of this operator. On these occasions, the subscription to Movistar+ is free for Movistar customers, the company offers them access to this platform within their contract as one more attraction for their customers.

At Movistar+ we can find different rates that users can pay to access more or less content according to their preferences. You can find 6 packages that will offer you a certain type of content:

On the Fusión 0 and Fusión Inicia channels we can only find the channel #vamos and #0, which includes the famous La Resistencia program. On the Fusión Selección and Fusión Total channels we can find the channels #vamos and #0, the series, family, cinema package and all national and international football. The Fusion Total Plus package includes all the above services and a special motor and sports package.

Movistar+ has grown so much in recent years that more and more people want to subscribe to this online digital content service.

How many devices can I have in Movistar at the same time?

Online audiovisual content platforms allow you to link more than one device to be able to enjoy that content in different places, or even different people.

In the case of Movistar+ , a maximum of 4 devices can be linked automatically . This allows you to create collaborative accounts between friends and each of them pay their share, which is cheaper for all members of this group. It is also very common for these accounts to be shared between different family members or between different devices of the same user.

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How to Activate Movistar Plus Step by Step 2023

Movistar+ offers a series of live channels and on-demand content. You can access all of this by activating Movistar+ from your Smart TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. The steps to be able to link Movistar+ with a mobile, computer or tablet are the following:

First open the browser of your choice and go to the official website of Movistar+ or Yomvi. Within the main page you will have to look for a section that indicates “How to see Movistar + on devices”. Next, click on the “Activate your account” option, you will have to press the green “activate” button.

Now the Movistar+ website will give you two options, you can activate your account via satellite or with a specific decoder. This decoder will be offered to you by Movistar when you contract its Yomvi or Movistar+ service, although the trend is for less and less to be used. If you don’t have that decoder, choose the first option.

When you choose the option to activate your satellite account, you will have to fill in the information in the form that will appear below in the next window. It is important that you activate your Movistar+ account in less than 48 hours from when you installed the TV on demand service.

You have to keep in mind that you are going to have to choose an email account to create a user and link it to your Movistar+ account. We recommend that you choose an email account that is not linked to work, personal matters or that is a corporate email. In case you do not have an account outside of these areas, it is best to create a new one for this type of situation.

As for the process of filling in the data on the form, you will be asked to enter your name and first two surnames, the NIF or identity document, a landline phone, a mobile phone and email to create your Movistar+ user.

When you have filled out the form, you will receive a welcome email to the account you associated. Your personal access codes will appear in this email to access the Movistar+ account you are creating.

This password is offered to you by Movistar and it is possible that it is quite difficult to remember or that it is not to your liking. In this case you can easily change the password, the one that will be provided to you in the mail is simply a start code. It is recommended that you make the first registration in Movistar+ from a web browser or its application for mobile phones and tablets to be able to change the password if you wish, it is more convenient to do it by these means than by a smartTV or AndroidTV.

If you have satellite TV, which is unusual, you will have to fill in the same form and click on the link that will be provided. Then you will have to enter the 12 digits of your decoder card and click on the “send” button. The access codes will also be sent to you by mail.

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