How to Activate Permanent Incognito Mode in Chrome

Going into incognito mode in Google Chrome is a resource that every user should know, since in this way our browsing will not be recorded in the history, offering us a more anonymous experience. The problem with this method is that despite being very simple, it has certain limitations, such as preventing the use of add-ons (however, in MrAppsGeek we already did a tutorial on how to activate extensions in this mode in Google Chrome to solve this problem like this ). lack). That is why it would be great if there was some method to activate the permanent incognito mode in Chrome , in this way, just by opening the browser we would enter fromautomatically in anonymous browsing . Well, the truth is that not only can it be done, but we will tell you the necessary steps to carry out this trick in the simplest way possible.

What Is Permanent Chrome Incognito Mode And What Is It For?

The incognito mode is a way of browsing in which the browser will not save our cookies or our browsing history , hence it is “incognito”. The only problem is that we will have to open this mode manually every time we want to apply it in our browser.

This is where the concept of “Permanent Incognito Mode” comes in as a way to open the browser in this anonymous mode by default . Below we explain the necessary steps to carry it out.

How to Open Google Chrome Incognito Mode by Default Step by Step 2023

To run the Google Chrome browser incognito automatically , the first thing we must do is go to the desktop of our PC and locate the shortcut .

  1. Once located we give the right mouse button .
  2. And we enter the contextual menu in «Properties» .

How to Activate Permanent Mode in Google Chrome Easy and Fast 2023

Here we will go to the section called “Destination” and at the end of the URL we will add the word “-incognito” (without quotes) and click “Accept” .

A generic Windows 10 window will appear in which we will be denied access, offering us the opportunity to click “Continue” to provide the necessary permissions. We will therefore click on “Continue” .

And that’s it, now every time we double click on the Google Chrome shortcut we will open the default browser in incognito , it’s that easy.

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