If you have signed up for Disney Plus to create a profile for a young child, you should know that not all the content on this platform is aimed at children . For example, you should never play a Star Wars movie to a 5-year-old as it is not child-focused content . To avoid this type of situation, there is a very useful option to enable parental control in our account. That is why today you will learn how to activate the child profile on Disney Plus easily and quickly .

What is the Disney Plus Child Profile and what is it for?

It is an option that is used to activate the parental control mode so that all the content will go through a filter and only series and movies that are focused on children will be offered (even the interface design will be modified). In this way you will prevent the smallest of the house from viewing content not suitable for children from the platform .

How to Activate the Disney + Child Profile From the App

To filter Disney Plus content to children , the first thing we must do is create a user profile in this article we explain it, we also recommend that you watch this video where the process is explained step by step.

Once our new user has been created, the next step we must follow is to enter our profile from the official Disney + app .

Once inside we must click where it says “Edit Profiles” and we will select the profile in which we want to filter the content for children .

How To Enable The Child Filter In The Official Disney Plus App

  1. In this tab we must enable the child profile box .
  2. We will click on “Save” .

Finally, we will have to re-enter the app to see the new changes, now all Disney + content will be filtered for children .

How to Create a Child Profile on Disney Plus From Your Computer

The same process can be applied on the computer to only see children’s content in a Disney + user profile , for this all we have to do is create a new user on the platform from the PC. You can follow the steps from the following video.

Ok, we already have our new user created, now we just have to enter our profile picture which is on the top right.

A small menu will be displayed in which we must enter “Edit Profiles” .

Once inside this section we must select the profile in which we want to activate the child profile .

How to Enable Disney+ Parental Controls on PC

  1. We activate the tab that says “Child Profile” .
  2. Finally we click on “Save” .

To deactivate parental control in Disney Plus , all you have to do is go back to the previous section and deactivate the “Children’s Profile” tab .

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