How to ADD A Profile on Disney Plus Easy and Fast

Adding a user profile in Disney Plus is something very useful in order to share accounts with other people since each user will have their own profile so that each one can save their favorite movies and series to know where they left off. It may seem difficult to you but it is a very simple process and today in MrAppsGeek you will learn how to do it very easily.

What Is A User Profile On Disney + And What Is It For?

If you share the account with other people it is very convenient to create different user profiles . In this way , each person will be able to log in to Disney Plus with their own profile and keep track of the series and movies watched without interfering with the tastes of other people who also use the same account.

When Is It Necessary To Create User Profiles On Disney Plus?

  1. When you share account with more than 1 person .
  2. If you have small children and want to filter the content with a child filter .

What is the limit of users that I can add to my Disney Plus account?

The maximum number of users registered in a single account is 7 with the possibility of seeing the content at the same time 4 of them.

How to Add a User Profile on Disney Plus From Your Computer

To create a new user in our Disney Plus account we must log in on the official page through the following link .

Once inside, we must go to the icon of our user profile that is at the top right , as in the photo.

A small menu will open in which at the top it says “Add Profile” , we enter right there.

In the next section we must choose an icon that represents our profile, they are all images of Disney characters .

We already have our profile with its corresponding photo, now we will only have to do the following:

  1. We give it a name .
  2. We click on “Save” .

And that’s it, now every time we log in with our Disney + account we can choose the user profile that we have created.

How to Create a User Profile on Disney Plus from the Mobile App

We also have the possibility of making a profile on Disney + from the mobile with the official app . To do this, the first thing we must do is download the application from its respective Application Market .

Now what we will have to do is go directly to our user profile which we will find in the lower right part of the screen , as in the photo.

How to Make a Disney + User Profile From the Official App

Now within the account at the top we will see that a section appears in which it says “Add Profile” , click on it.

Now we will have the possibility to select our profile image.

Finally we select our username and click on “Save” .

Now we just have to log in with our new profile from the mobile and that’s it.

And in this simple way you can add new profiles in Disney Plus from the computer and from the app . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment. Remember that your support is very important, which is why I leave you the buttons on social networks to share this content… Thank you for your collaboration!