How to ADD PAGES TO BOOKMARKS In Google Chrome

To how many of you has it happened to you that browsing a website you would like to write what it is called to be able to continue seeing it on another occasion ? I don’t know about you but it has happened to me . And it is that his thing would be to have a place where we can save those web pages that we like… right? Well, let me tell you that you can do that very easily from your Internet browser, then I will explain how to add pages to bookmarks in Google Chrome . In this way you can continue browsing your favorite portals later .

What Are Browser Bookmarks?

Formerly they were called “Favorites” and it is used to save those pages that are interesting to us in our Internet browser .

What is the use of adding pages to bookmarks?

Have you found a website that is worth visiting but you are afraid that you will forget its name? , because this problem has a simple solution and it is to add pages to the bookmarks . In this way you will have a list of your favorite web pages associated with your Google account . Well… you know what adding pages to bookmarks consists of , now we are going to see how to do it .

How to Bookmark Pages in Chrome?

The first thing we must do to add pages to bookmarks is to make sure that the page we are going to bookmark is to our liking. Once located on the page that we want to bookmark , we go to the upper right part of the search engine (where the 3 dots are), then to “Bookmarks” and then to “Add pages to bookmarks” .

Create Bookmarks Folder

This is optional but if you are going to save many pages in favorites , it is yours that you save them by folders . To do this, we must click on the “More” option .

To create a bookmarks folder just follow these steps:

  1. New folder.
  2. Type the name of your bookmarks folder.
  3. Keep.

And now you know how to create your own favorites folder.

Can’t Add Pages To Bookmarks

Seriously?, but I have explained it step by step… well, don’t worry, I’m going to explain a simple way to add pages to bookmarks in 1 SECOND and… no joke! . Look, you just have to place yourself on the web you want to add to favorites . The next thing you should do is… do you see the “little star” that is in the navigation bar ? Well, press it… it will turn blue and a small menu will appear and you click “Done” … You already know how to add pages to bookmarks in 1 SECOND !.

How to Put the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome?

To make the bookmarks bar visible in the Chrome browser you have to go to the upper right (3 dots) , then click on “Bookmarks” and activate the “Show Bookmarks Bar” box .

How to Remove Bookmarks From Google Chrome?

Perhaps you have tired of having a website in favorites so it is time to know how to delete it from bookmarks , doing it is very simple. We go to the top right of the browser (3 dots) , then to “Bookmarks” , we point to the website that we want to remove from favorites with the right mouse button and click on “Delete” .

If you have any questions about how to add pages to bookmarks in Google Chrome you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, please… that helps me a lot.