How to adjust the text size on an Android phone

Adjusting the size of the text on a mobile device is essential. By doing so, we can better read everything that is displayed in a large number of applications. If you are not able to carry out a reading easily, I recommend that you do what we explain below. You should also keep in mind the possibility of screen recording on Android .

We have just bought or have had an Android mobile phone for some time, and we have a problem: it is difficult for us to see the text that is displayed on the screen . This is because it is too small, or excessively large, and we have some other problem to see it clearly.

On all devices, be they computers or mobile phones, there is the possibility of changing this size, that of the text, making it bigger and also smaller. To do this, you must access the appropriate option, within the configuration settings, and carry out the modification.

Larger text size on Android

If we have an Android mobile, to make the appropriate modification in order to achieve a larger text size, we must do the following:

  • We access Settings and scroll down, until we locate Screen .
  • Click on the right side. In the new screen we also scroll down until we reach Text size .
  • We also click on the right side. At the bottom we will see, on a bar, a series of points. One of them is active, usually with a blue background. It is the one that indicates the size that we have now active.
  • We can try clicking on a larger one, for example, L or XL .
  • We close settings.

check results

Calmly and patiently we must check if the size of the text works for us. To do this we must open one of the phone applications. Although anyone is worth it, it is best to resort to one of the most used. We can open WhatsApp or the web browser.

If we read one of the messages from the messaging application, we can see if the size satisfies us. It is also convenient for us to write and send a message. We do not have to rush since at any time we can make a change in order to establish another size.

If we turn to the web browser that we use frequently, we will see if we can now easily read what is displayed on the web pages. This will help us to make a better assessment.


We should never give up adapting the device to our needs. The size of the text is something very important, since it is fundamental to achieve a comfortable and efficient handling of the mobile. Therefore, we should never give up not leaving it with the original configuration.