How to block phone numbers on iPhone and Android

It happens more and more frequently, we receive a call on our mobile phone from a number that we do not have registered in the phonebook. In a large number of cases they are unwanted calls from unknown people. Despite telling them that we do not agree with the proposal that is made to us and cutting the connection, we receive a new call again without much time passing from the same number.

If we take a tour of the Internet, accessing Google to find information, and we write one of the numbers from which they are giving us the tabarra, we will be able to find out, in many cases, who the authors of the call are. This will help us to establish or not the permission of new calls from said number.

The best way to establish a solution is to establish the blocking of the number, or numbers, so that, in the event of new calls, they are not received. With this we will ensure that the companies or people who make the calls can no longer bother.

How to block a number on iPhone

To establish the blocking of a number on an iPhone mobile phone, you have to open the Phone app and activate the Recent tab . The list of the last received calls will be displayed. The steps to follow for blocking are as follows:

  • Click on the small information icon to the right of the number we want to block.
  • A window will open showing various options. The list includes the one we need to dial the number or contact: Block this contact .
  • From here on, calls from that number will not be received.

How to block a number on Android

In a similar way it is possible to establish the blocking of a number on an Android mobile phone. As with an iPhone, you have to open the Phone app and activate, if it is not activated, the Recent tab . We will see the list of the last calls, ordered from most recent to oldest. The process to follow for blocking is as follows:

  • Click on the space that shows the call.
  • Different sections will be displayed in a pop-up tab. We select the one that says Block/Mark as spam .
  • We will be asked to confirm the decision made in a new window. To do this we must click on Block .


As we can see with the indicated processes, it will always be possible to eliminate from the call permissions those who are only dedicated to harassing or trying to obtain relevant data about us. It is a system that does not present any difficulty. Anyone can activate the cancellation of one or several telephone numbers.