How to block senders and send their messages to the trash in Mac Mail

We are receiving more and more messages from unknown senders. Many of them we consider as spam and we don’t want to put up with them. There is a simple way to ignore them, send them directly to the trash, without going through the spam folder .

If we manage more than one email account, it is best to use an application that takes care of its management, a tool known as an email client . On Mac computers there is one that is used by most users of this type of equipment, and also by those who own an iPhone. I mean Mail .

What does Mac Mail offer?

It is a very powerful application, with a large number of options and it is very easy to use. The account activation process is very simple. In many cases, you only have to indicate the address so that, if you use a popular system, such as Google, iCloud or Yahoo, among others, Mail takes care of carrying out the configuration, after indicating the access password. In others, it will also be necessary to indicate the POP3 or IMAP and SMTP servers.

The Mail management panel is very intuitive, both for sending and receiving messages, regardless of the number of active accounts. It also supports inserting signatures, adding files to messages, or sending a message on a specific day and at a specific time, among other options.

How to block senders

It happens frequently, as we have already indicated, more and more. Messages from unknown senders appear in the inbox. Most are spam messages . We can activate sending them to the Spam folder , although it is best to block the sender and activate sending their messages directly to the trash.

To block a sender we must do the following:

  • We open the message and click the right mouse button on the sender’s name. In the pop-up menu we select Block contact .
  • We will see that the following message appears at the top: This message is from a blocked sender .
  • If we want to go back the process, we must press the right mouse button on the user’s name and select Unblock contact from the pop-up menu .

How to send messages from blocked senders to the trash

We can leave everything as we have indicated above. Every time we receive a message from a blocked contact, we will see that to the right of the name there is a small red icon as a warning.

If we want all messages from blocked contacts to go directly to the trash, we must do the following:

  • With the Mail program running, click on the Mail menu -> Preferences…
  • In the window that opens we activate Junk mail .
  • In the new window we activate Blocked addresses .
  • With Activate blocked mail filter we must mark Move it to the trash .
  • At the bottom of the window we will see the list of all blocked accounts. If we want to add a new one, we can do it by clicking on the + button at the bottom left, although it is best to use the method that we have explained above. We can also delete one by clicking on the button -.


As we can see, the processes to follow to block senders and send their messages to the trash in Mac Mail are very easy to follow. If we have an iOS device, an iPhone phone or an iPad tablet, we can do the same.

In addition, if we have established the block on our Mac computer, it is transferred directly to our mobile device, as long as it is managed with the same user account.