How to BLOCK SMS From a Number on Android

Today we are going to see a very simple but at the same time very useful article. The reason for making this post occurred to me a few days ago when I bought a washing machine at Carrefour , once the saleswoman gave me the invoice, she asked me if I wanted to give my phone number to be aware of my order… Serious mistake, in just 4 days I have been sent the same SPAM text message over and over again up to 34 times . Therefore, today we are going to see how to block SMS from a number on Android .

What does it mean to block an SMS?

Well, when we talk about blocking SMS from a number, it is precisely that to prevent a contact from harassing us with SPAM . Back in the day we saw an article about knowing whose phone number is, today we are going to talk about avoiding the harassment of SMS spam .

How to Block Incoming SMS From a Contact

Before starting, we must emphasize that there is no need for any app that blocks SMS , we will only need to have a Smartphone and that’s it.

Steps to Block SMS From a Number

The first thing we must do is enter the native messaging application of our mobile phone . Once inside, we must locate the text message to block . At the moment of locating it, we must press on it for a few moments and it will appear in a menu with several options, as in the photo:

We will click on the option that says “Add To The Black List” or similar, this may be different from one model to another but the option should not be very far.

Add A Phone Number To The Blacklist And Block Its Calls And SMS

Click on “Join” or “Add” .

Recycle Bin

We already have our number blocked so as not to receive more SMS , if we want to delete it completely we can keep pressing it and an option to “Delete” will appear , click on it.

How to Unblock SMS on Android

It is likely that for whatever reason over time you want to unblock the number to receive text messages again , this is very simple… just follow these steps!

Enter the SMS application

You must enter the SMS application and click on “Settings” .


Search and enter the “Black List” .

Select Number To Unblock SMS

You must select the number that you blocked in your day, click on it.

Remove From Blacklist

Hit “Remove From Black List” in this way you will be able to receive SMS on your Android phone again.

Well now you know how to block SPAM SMS on Android and also unblock them , if you have any questions or concerns you can ask them in comments. Thank you for sharing and for your visit.