How to Calibrate Android Battery WITHOUT ROOT

Are you performing tasks with your device and without warning it restarts and to your surprise it has less battery than before? Have you turned off your device at bedtime and when you turned it on you realized that you have much less battery than before turning it off? ?. If these situations are familiar to you, the time has come to calibrate the Android battery .

In this article we will teach you how to do it without ROOT since for rooted devices it is very simple.

When to Calibrate Android Battery?

Normally this problem appears when we need to use the battery and we realize that it drops by leaps and bounds and at certain times it remains anchored at a percentage without moving and then continues to drop . Also, as we mentioned above, sometimes (when we restart our Smartphone) we realize that the percentage of the battery does not match the values ​​we had before a restart.

These reasons tell us when to calibrate the battery in Android .

What is the use of calibrating the battery in Android

Well, there are times when the batterystats.bin file breaks down and does not show us the real value of the battery . This gives problems of the type that the phone turns off prematurely (for example at 20%) . With this method, what we will do is restart the batterystats.bin file efficiently and without root .

How To Calibrate Android Battery WITHOUT ROOT 2023

To calibrate the Android battery WITHOUT ROOT we will only have to follow the following steps:

  1. With the phone turned on charge to the maximum (keep it at 100% for at least 30 minutes).
  2. Completely turn off your mobile or tablet .
  3. With the mobile off , connect the charger again (it is possible that although it was turned on it showed a 100% charge now, however, it shows a lower charge, however, leave the mobile charging at 100% for at least 2 hours.
  4. Turn on the Android device and unplug it from the charger .
  5. You already have Android battery calibrated without root .

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