How to change backgrounds of TikTok videos

If you use TikTok, I’m sure you’ll love the trick that we are going to teach you today in MrAppsGeek since with it you can change the backgrounds of TikTok videos . This way you will be able to make funny clips from a deserted beach, from a city or even… from a deserted island!

How to put a custom background on a TikTok video step by step 2023

To establish a background in a TikTok clip, the first thing we must do is enter our account through the official application. Once we are on the main screen we must select the “+” icon that is just at the bottom.

On the next screen we will see how the front camera focuses on our face because we must pay attention to the bottom left right where it says “Effects” . Once we locate it, we select it.

How to Set a Photo as an Image in a TikTok Video Easy and Fast 2023

Now we will have a lot of effects to add to our clips, however to change the wallpaper of a video for an image in TikTok we must do the following:

  1. Select the background image icon.
  2. We select the “+” icon .

Now we will have to choose the image from our gallery that we want to establish as the background in the video .

How to Change Backgrounds of TikTok Clips

If we have carried out the previous steps correctly, now we will see that the background of our video will have been changed by the image of our gallery that we have preset. Now we will only have to record our content by pressing the red button to surprise our audience.

And in this simple way we can establish funds in the TikTok clips , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Do not forget that you have at your disposal all the social network buttons to share this content. Thank you for your support!