How to Change Font Size on Android

Believe it or not, we spend many hours at the end of the week in front of the small screen . And it is that smartphones have become part of our day to day and if you do not believe me you just have to take a look at the hours of screen that you usually have per day.. Surely you will be surprised. That is why over time your eyesight suffers and you may have to wear glasses or strain your eyes . Because of this, today we are going to see how to change the font size in Android .

So if you want to enlarge the text on Android I recommend that you continue reading. In just 1 minute you can increase the text size of your WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter very easily .

Enlarge Text On Screen

In this tutorial we will see how to do it for both Tablets and mobile phones step by step and very simple.

Change Font Size On Tablet

To increase the size of the fonts in Tablets in tremendously simple you only have to follow the following route:

  • Adjustments, accessibility, vision.

Within the latter we can easily decrease or increase the screen text on Tablets .

It should be noted that this option varies from one tablet to another , however, it should not be very far from the route indicated above .

Change Font Size On Android Mobiles

Increasing or decreasing the font size on Android is child’s play. You will only have to follow the following route:

Enter Settings

As simple as entering “Settings” and looking for the “Screen” option . Once located we entered.

System Font

Within the “Screen” section, click on “Text Size” .


Now we will see a preview of how the fonts look based on the selected size .

Change Font Size In Whatsapp

If you are a very user of WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter and you leave your eyes on this option, you can enlarge the letter . Below we will see the following categories according to font size .

  • X’s
  • S
  • L
  • xl
  • xxl

We can also see a visual of how our desktop would look with each of the different font sizes .

Once we are clear about the font size we want for WhatsApp , we just have to click on accept.


This is how our Smartphone would look when changing the font size in WhatsApp .

What do you think of this simple tutorial ? I hope you have found it useful. You can leave me a comment below , I promise to answer you. Also remind you that you help me a lot if you share this article on your social networks, thank you very much for your interest.