How to Change Google Chrome Language to Spanish

If you have traveled to another country and have connected to a PC from that place, you will have noticed that the browser appears in another language . This can undoubtedly be quite frustrating since you will have the navigation options in another language and this can hinder the user experience. But don’t worry, today in MrAppsGeek you will learn how to change the language of Google Chrome to Spanish step by step .

How To Change The Language Of Google Chrome From English To Spanish Easy And Fast 2023

To change the language of Google Chrome on the PC , the first thing we must do is open a new browser tab and do the following:

  1. We enter the 3 vertical lines located at the top right .
  2. A menu will appear in which we must enter “Settings” (Settings).

In this section we must go all the way down to where it says “Advanced” (these are the advanced settings).

Where to change the language of Google Chrome to Spanish? 2023

In Language we can select the language in which we want Google Chrome to be displayed. If Spanish is not available, we can always add it with the “Add Languaes” option . Once we have the Spanish visible, we select the 3 vertical points in the section corresponding to your language, as in the photo.

A new menu will open with several options, in which we must select the section that says “Display Google Chrome In This Language” so that it is displayed in Spanish.

Restart Browser To Change Language In Google Chrome 2023

To save the changes we must give “Relaunch” in this way Google Chrome will restart in Spanish in a matter of seconds.

And in this simple way you can change the language of Google Chrome to Spanish easily and quickly . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, don’t forget to share this content to help other people who have the same question. Thank you!