How to Change Language on Netflix Easy and Fast

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most used entertainment platforms in recent years. And it is that despite its great competition, it is still available in the homes of millions of users with unstoppable growth. Much of this success is due to the fact that the platform continually injects money to get more licenses for movies and series and even contributing franchises of its own creation such as Stranger Things . Precisely for this reason, because it has such a wide audience, this platform must be available in a wide range of languages . And this is what has led you to this tutorial on our website because you want to know how to change the language on NetflixWell, then we explain it to you quickly and easily.

Can You Change The Language On Netflix?

Yes, in fact, you can not only watch Netflix movies in Spanish but also in a wide catalog of languages ​​in a very simple way, as we will explain throughout this tutorial.

How to Change Language on Netflix Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to access the application with our official account and once we are inside we must go to our profile .

Our profile is located just in the upper right part , we will know what it is because it has our corresponding icon.

Once inside our profile we will have to look for the section called “Account” to then access it.

Here we can change the language on Netflix by profile , so we must choose the one we use so as not to put another language on another profile that is not ours.

Change Language On Netflix Easy and Fast 2023

Now we will only have to go to the “Language” section and click on “Change” , as indicated in the photo below.

In this way we will have a list with which we can change the language of the Netflix profile .

How To Change The Language Of Netflix Movies And Series 2023

Finally, to choose another language in the Netflix series and movies, we will have to view any of them and select the section called “Audio and Subtitles” .

Here we can select the audio of the available languages ​​depending on the movie and even the subtitles.

Once we have everything to our liking to save the changes we will have to click on “Apply” .

Now you know where to change the language on Netflix, but if you have any questions, I remind you that you can leave a comment. Do not forget that if you want to support this project you can always share this article with your family and friends through your social networks. Thank you for everything!