MEGA (the successor to MegaUpload) is a cloud hosting service that allows us to safeguard large amounts of data on its servers . It is logical that with such a large number of users, there is a lot of sensitive information on this cloud hosting platform. And that is precisely why you have come to this tutorial , because you want to know how to change the MEGA password and I am going to show you in an easy and simple way .

Why should you change the password on Mega?

Well, because there is a database with insecure user passwords in which you can find an old password of yours. It is possible that it has been a long time (even years) since you logged into an old mega account and you mysteriously receive an email that someone has accessed your account . This is something that has happened to me personally, which is why if it also happens to you, I advise you to change all the passwords of all your emails and obviously follow the steps below to change the password .

How to change my mega password

To change the password in MEGA , the first thing we must do is access the platform from the following link .

Once we are inside, we log in and click on our username, as in the photo.

Change Password In Mega Step By Step

To change the MEGA password we will look at the left sidebar and enter “Security” and then “Change Password” .

Change Mega Account Password

Now just to the right above we must do the following:

  1. We write our new password in the first box , in the second we must write the confirmation of it (Try to make the password as secure as possible by filling in the 5 blue stripes).
  2. We will click on “Change Password” .

As you can see, changing the MEGA password is something very easy and simple, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment. Do not forget that your support is very important to me, that is why I would like you to share this article with people who like technology, that would help me a lot…