Either because you change your country or because some Play Store content is blocked in your Country , this article will help you solve this problem . If you have any of these two problems, today we are going to see how to change my country in Google Play in a simple way .

So if what you want is to change your Play Store country because you moved, I advise you to read this article, clear, simple and direct.

How to CHANGE MY COUNTRY on Google Play

If I want to change my country in Google Play because I have moved and not only that, but also the apps available in that country as well as their currency , you can follow these simple steps:

Change Country My Google Play Account

You should know that it is not enough to change the country from Gmail , the trick to change the country of the Play Store account lies in Google Wallet .

Sign in to Google Wallet

You can enter Google Wallet from the following link . This is the Google payment center , you must enter with the Play Store account which you want to change your Country .

Once inside press “Settings” on the left , choose your new country and edit your name and new address and of course save the changes .

And that’s it, I know how to change my country on Google Play .

Recommendations For Using Restricted Apps From Play Store In Your Country

If you have not changed country and want to try an app or game restricted in your country and this process is somewhat tedious, there are two new possibilities .

Use VPN For Android

VPN are tools that make our device believe that we are running an app from another country . You can take a look at this article with the best VPNs for Android .

Using Alternative Markets

To use applications that are restricted in your country, you do not need to look for how to change my country in Google Play , just download the apps from alternative markets to the Play Store , such as:

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