How to change the background of a photo on mobile

In our technology blog we have seen numerous articles in which we showed you how easy it is to change the background of “something” on a Smartphone . And it is that you can, for example, choose a personalized WhatsApp background , keyboard background , put an image in the Telegram chat or put a screenshot as a desktop background on our Samsung . All this is very good but today we are going to go a step further and we are going to show you how easy it is to change the background of a photo on your mobile , in this way you can make a photomontage and appear on the beach or even on the moon!.

What is the best app to change the background of photos 2023?

There are many photo editors for mobile phones , however the one I liked the most of all is Picsart, an application that not only serves to change the background of a photo , it will also allow us to add a blur effect to it among many other functions.

Download App To Change The Background To A Free Photo 2023

You can download Picsart for free directly from their respective app stores:

How to Change the Background of an Image from the Mobile Step by Step 2023

Once we have this app, the first thing we should do when we open it is click on the “+” symbol that is located at the bottom of the home page.

We accept the permissions of the gallery which are necessary so that Picsart can access the images that we have on our mobile.

Once we carry out the previous step, we must select the background that we want to add to our main image .

We already have the background that we want to put on our image, now we will have to add the main photo of our project .

To do it we just have to click on the tools at the bottom in “Add” .

  1. We select the photo to which we want to change the background .
  2. We can add up to a maximum of 10 images.
  3. Finally we will click on “Add” in the upper right corner .

Now we have our main image but we must remove the background to add the new one.

To do this we will have to remove the background from the main image, so we must click on “Crop” in the tools menu at the bottom.

  1. To extract the image that we really want to keep, we must select “Contour” in the lower menu of options.
  2. With great care we will have to define the edge of the object (just as if we cut it with scissors).
  3. When we have finished the outline of the object will appear in orange , we must click on validate at the top right to save the changes.

Now we can put our main image with its new background , remember that we can move it around and even make it larger or smaller .

Once we have it adjusted to the ideal size, we will click on the save icon that is located in the upper right part of the screen.

Now you know how to change the background of photos for free, however if you have problems with the application you can always leave me a comment and I will try to help you. Do not forget that you can share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much!