How to Change the Search Engine in Google Chrome on Android

Google is omnipresent and omnipotent in the digital world , it could be said that it is God and it is everywhere . It has become something so necessary and that it goes so unnoticed that we never wonder how many times we consult our Android browser . And yes, surely you have not noticed that the search engine that comes by default as a general rule is usually that of Google , coincidence? I doubt it very much. The truth is that there are numerous alternatives to , such as the search engine, a browser that promises to plant a tree for every search on the Internet , how cool, right? Well, if you are tired and wantchange the default search engine of Chrome that… since it is not… Google is arrived at the indicated place.

Change Search Engine In Android Browser

If you are one of the people who get frustrated and say ” I can’t change the Chrome search engine, this is a pain”, don’t worry, you will see how in just a few steps you can achieve it.

Steps To Change Chrome Default Search Engine On Android

The first thing we have to do is make sure that we use the Chrome browser . In any case you can download it from the following link , highly recommended by the way . It is easy, simple to use and allows us to use the following features:

Well let’s go back to the topic about how to change the search engine in Google Chrome . Have you already downloaded it? Well, open the browser and you will see a window like this, you will have to click on the top right on the 3 points .


Now we will get a menu with different options , the one we are interested in to change the Google Chrome search engine is “Settings” click there.

Search Engine

Now the configuration menu will appear, we must look at the basic options in the “Search Engine” section , click there.

Change Search Engine

Now we will see that the default option is , we just have to press another to change this setting , it’s that simple.

By pressing Yahoo! We will change the search engine, this is just an example since we will have the following available:

  • Google com

Switch My Search Engine To Google

To reverse the process you will only have to go to the following route: Settings>Search Engine>Google .

I hope that now that you know how to do this , you leave us a comment , even if it’s just to say hello and it goes without saying that if you have any questions… more of the same, you have a nice comment box for any suggestion . If you found it useful , do not hesitate to share, thanks for your visit .