How to change the WhatsApp icon for a dog

July 21 , 2023
arrives and with it World Dog Day , which is why you may want to pay tribute to these noble animals. For this reason, in MrAppsGeek we are going to teach you a trick with which you can change the WhatsApp icon for a dog . In this way you can create awareness on this day so marked on the calendar.

What Day Is Dog Day 2023?

On July 21 , 2023 , however in some Latin American countries and the US it is celebrated on August 26 , 2023 .

Why is World Dog Day celebrated?

So that people become aware of the existence of these animals and support them by giving them shelter, food, hygiene and affection.

What do I need to put a dog as WhatsApp icon?

We will only need to meet 2 requirements:

  1. Install Nova Launcher app.
  2. Download an icon of a dog for WhatsApp .

What is Nova Launcher and what does it consist of?

It is a free application available in the Play Store that allows us to fully customize our Smartphone. In this way we can put wallpapers, change the application drawer, modify the interface or even… replace the WhatsApp icon with a dog .

Download Nova Launcher For Free 2023

You can get this application directly from the Google Play Store through the following link .

Download An Icon Of A Dog For WhatsApp 2023

At this point we will have Nova Launcher installed , now we just have to download a puppy icon for WhatsApp . The process is very simple since we will only have to go to Google and follow these instructions:

  1. We write “WhatsApp Dog Icon” without quotes.
  2. We enter Google Images .

This will take us to a list of puppy icons for WhatsApp , so we only have to choose the one we like best and then follow these instructions:

  1. We leave our finger clicking on the dog icon .
  2. In the menu we click on “Save Image” .

How to Change the WhatsApp Icon for a Dog Step by Step 2023

The moment we open Nova Launcher for the first time we will have to choose that the application run “Always” .

In this way, the mobile interface will always be permanent (although to return everything to the way it was, we must uninstall the application).

In the next step we will have to create a shortcut to WhatsApp on the desktop screen of our mobile .

Then we must leave the finger pressing the WhatsApp icon , in this way the icon of a pencil will appear (which we must select). In this way, a new window will appear that will allow us to edit the shortcut by selecting the WhatsApp icon again .

On this screen we will have 3 options:

  • Incorporated.
  • Applications.
  • Get more themes.

We select “Applications” .

On the next screen we will have a list of all the default galleries of our mobile , we will choose the one that most interests us at that time.

In this way we will go to the gallery where we will have to select the dog icon for WhatsApp that we previously downloaded.

  1. We adjust the edges.
  2. When we finish we click on “Done” .

On this screen we will have the possibility to customize the selected icon “Redesign” and we can even change the name of the shortcut. Once everything is to our liking we will click on “Done” .

And just like that, you can modify the WhatsApp icon for an emoticon of an ideal puppy to celebrate International Dog Day 2023 .

To have the interface as we had it at first, it will only be enough to uninstall Nova Launcher from our mobile .

If you have any kind of doubt you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer as soon as possible. Do not forget that it would help me a lot if you share this tutorial with your family and friends through your social networks. Thank you for everything and Happy International Dog Day 2023! .