How to change the WhatsApp icon for a smiley face

Are you a little depressed ? Would you like to give your life a more joyful touch ? Well , welcome to MrAppsGeek, today we are going to show you a trick with which you can customize your Smartphone so that every time you unlock it you get a smile What is all this based on? Well, we will show you how to change the WhatsApp icon for a smiley face , in this way you will remember that there is always something worth smiling for.

When is World Happiness Day 2023 celebrated?

The International Day of Happiness will take place this March 20, 2023 . This day was created by a UN General Assembly to become aware of the relevance of well-being and happiness as universal aspirations of all people.

What do I need to put a smiley emoji as WhatsApp icon?

You only need to meet 2 requirements:

  1. Install Nova Launcher app.
  2. Download an icon of a smiling emoji .

What is Nova Launcher and what does it consist of?

It is a free app that can be installed from the Play Store that will allow us to customize our mobile. It is thanks to this that we can add wallpapers, change the Home screen, the application drawer or replace the WhatsApp icon with a smiley emoticon .

Download Nova Launcher For Free 2023

You can install this app with the Google Play Store via the link below .

Download An Icon Of A Smiling Emoticon For WhatsApp 2023

Once we have installed Nova Launcher, all we need is to download a smiling emoji icon for WhatsApp . So we will have to go to Google and follow these instructions:

  1. We write “Emoji Smiley Icon” without quotes.
  2. We enter Google Images .

In this way we will have access to a list of smiling emoticon icons for WhatsApp , we will choose the one we like the most.

  1. We leave the emoticon pressed with our finger .
  2. In the menu we click on “Save Image” .

How to Add a Smiling Emoji as a WhatsApp Icon Step by Step 2023

The first time we open Nova Launcher it is very important to choose the option to use this application forever .

In this way, the interface of our mobile will change permanently (as long as we have the application installed).

So far everything is fine, now what we have to do is go to the application drawer and create a WhatsApp shortcut on Start .

Once we have the icon in Start, we just have to keep it pressed until it gives us the option to edit it (the pencil-shaped icon). Then we select the WhatsApp icon again to be able to modify its aesthetics.

Next we will have 3 options:

  • Incorporated.
  • Applications.
  • Get more themes.

We select “Applications” .

On the next screen we will have a list with all the gallery applications of our mobile device , we will choose the one we like the most.

We choose the smiling emoji icon for WhatsApp that we downloaded previously.

  1. We adjusted the borders of the icon.
  2. When we finish we click on “Done” .

Now we will have the possibility to customize the icon, redesign it or change the name to WhatsApp . Once everything is to our liking we will click on “Done” .

And that’s it, we already know how to place an icon of a smiling emoticon as a WhatsApp icon .

To return everything to the way it was at the beginning, we will only have to delete the Nova Launcher application .

And this has been all, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and don’t forget that you would help me a lot if you share this tutorial with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much!