How to Change User to Administrator in Windows 11

If you have downloaded Windows 11 , I am more than sure that you will have had a multitude of doubts and at MrAppsGeek we are here to answer them all. In fact, we have made a multitude of tutorials in which we showed you how to enter the configuration , how to restart the Start menu or even how to repair the system startup . However, I am sure that one of the concerns you may have when installing this system is knowing how to change the user to Administrator in Windows 11 . Well, I encourage you to read this post where I explain the different ways you have to achieve it, all explained with step-by-step photos and videos.

What Types Of Users Are There In Windows 11?

Windows 11 there are different types of users which are the following:

  • Guest: Temporary user who does not have sufficient privileges to run tasks (has many limitations).
  • Local account: It has a rank somewhat higher than guest that allows you to perform certain tasks that require confirmation.
  • Administrator: Advanced user who has permissions to manage, install applications, create users or modify them.
  • Full administrator: User with the highest possible rank who has full control of the entire team.

How to Make a User Administrator in Windows 11 Step by Step 2023

Being an administrator in Windows 11 is easy , we will only have to enter the system configuration through the following quick keyboard shortcut:

  • Windows + I.

Once inside configuration we must access the section called “Accounts” .

  1. We select “Family and Other Users” .
  2. We select one of the accounts.
  3. Click on “Change Account Type” .

How to Change User Account to Administrator in Windows 11 Easy and Fast 2023

  1. We change the standard user to “Administrator” .
  2. We click on “Accept” .

In this way we can easily run programs as administrator on our PC.

Change Standard User To Administrator In Windows 11 From Control Panel 2023

Another way to convert a local account into Admin is through the control panel , to do so we will have to follow the steps that I indicate below:

  1. We are located in the system search icon .
  2. We write “Control Panel” .
  3. We entered the best match.

On the next screen we must select the section called “Change the Account Type” .

We select the local account that we want to transform into administrator .

We look at the section on the left and select change the type of account .

  1. We choose “Administrator” .
  2. We select “Change” .

If you still have doubts you can always leave a comment and I will try to answer if I have a place. Do not forget that you can always share these tips through your social networks. Thank you for everything!