How to clean and protect Android devices

All mobile device users use them without realizing that failures can occur at any time due to lack of space on them, especially on phones. This happens because we are used to using computers with high-capacity hard drives.

Everyone with an Android device can use Clean & Master , an app that takes care of cleaning cache, residual files, search history and private data, as well as completely uninstalling unused applications.

We have already talked about it on other occasions, but today we bring it back to the front page after an update was produced a month ago, in which some bugs are corrected and new functions are added.

(Although we know that there are many people who are total enemies of this type of tool, we consider that for many users it is an  ideal app to make their  smartphone work smoothly, without problems).

Clean Android mobile devices with Clean & Master

In addition to what has already been specified in the previous paragraphs, Clean & Master is also capable of killing the tasks that are taking up memory and preventing the normal development of the device. Using this utility will increase performance and save battery life.

cache cleaning

In addition to web browsing history, the cache accumulates a large number of residual files that are taking up valuable space. With this application this waste will be eliminated and space will be gained, gaining many megabytes and/or gigabytes.

Delete private browsing data

Clean Master also allows you to clean private browsing data, used by most of the tools we use frequently. Tasks that work in the background take up a large amount of RAM. With this app you can kill the applications that are absorbing this memory.

application manager

It also includes an application manager that, using an assistant, allows you to uninstall applications and make backup copies of APK files on an SD card, to recover them when necessary.

Clean & Master Features

Among the features offered by this app are the following:

  • It takes care of analyzing your phone to remove junk, debris, cache, outdated apps and temporary files. Free up storage space and improve the performance of your device and SD card.
  • You can easily control applications using Clean & Master . Delete apps you don’t use to save more space.
  • With a tap of the Booster the app can free up RAM and clean up background tasks. Make your phone work faster.
  • It will dynamically analyze and optimize CPU usage. Find overheated apps and stop them to cool down your phone temperature.
  • App Lock protects your private information safely by adding additional pattern password for sensitive apps, like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Photo Gallery or anything you want. It is safe and easy to unlock.
  • Tired of removing junk notifications? Notification cleaner can help you hide unwanted notifications. Do you want your phone to go faster?


You can get this app for free on Google Play. You just have to access Clean & Master and proceed to download it or from your mobile device.

It can also be downloaded directly to the mobile device after accessing Google Play and locating it. It is an essential application for many, highly valued by the majority of Android device users, with more than ten million downloads at the moment.