How to clean, repair and optimize the Windows Registry

The Windows Registry stores relevant information for the perfect functioning of the operating system. An erroneous reference causes, in most cases, failures in fundamental applications and files, also preventing, in some cases, the operation of the operating system.

There are some applications, such as CCleaner , which, among other options, takes care of cleaning the Registry. Wise Registry Cleaner scans the Registry and locates any errors that exist and fixes them. Many of these errors refer to outdated entries that need to be removed.

What does Wise Registry Cleaner fix?

Among the problems it finds and fixes are missing references to shared DLLs, or unused registry entries for non-existent file extensions. It also allows you to delete system restore points.

Removes outdated, temporary, invalid, and redundant registry items from the operating system. It also allows tuning all the elements to stabilize and speed up the computer, including network connections, after establishing the appropriate settings.

In the new versions it has adopted an advanced algorithm that allows you to scan the entire registry in a short time and advance possible corrections.

How does it work?

After running the scan, Wise Registry Cleaner presents a list of potential problems that need to be fixed. You must make the decision to eliminate or not each of the references.

To make your decision, you receive information that warns you that you can delete it without problems or that you run a certain risk if you delete the data.

There is the possibility of creating a backup copy of the data to be deleted in order to restore it if necessary. The program is also capable of performing registry defragmentation, after which better system performance will be achieved.

To consider

Here’s what they tell us on the application’s support website: ” The registry keeps growing when you use Windows, as do stale items in the registry, which would eventually lead to performance degradation and even system crash.” Wise Registry Cleaner scans the Windows registry and finds errors and residual items in the registry and then cleans or defragments them. By fixing these residual and damaged items in the Windows registry, your system will run faster and more stable .”


Wise Registry Cleaner is a free application that works smoothly on all versions of Windows. To get it you have to access Wise Registry Cleaner .

The program also offers a configuration system that allows management of various options for advanced users. There is also a Pro version of the application with more features.

It is also convenient to install Wise Disk Cleaner , with which we will be able to optimize the computer by eliminating everything that is left over. This application performs a complete cleaning of the hard drive.