How to clean up your PC and protect your privacy

We all know that it is very important to clean PC and protect privacy in order to keep our data safe. Increasingly, due to what we are seeing every day, this is very necessary, we can say that it is mandatory. If we don’t, we will see the consequences.

If other people have access to your computer, it may be interesting not to leave traces of your Internet travels and other actions you performed on the computer.

Privazer is an application that examines your computer in detail and shows you everything it has found related to your privacy , so that you can decide what you want to delete and what you don’t. It examines the Windows Registry , Internet history, cookies , and everything that is susceptible to data storage that may be compromising.

What else does Privazer offer?

And it doesn’t stop there, Privazer is also capable of searching for potential traces in the sectors that correspond to the free space on the hard drive. The program is capable of deleting, without recovery capabilities, all those traces, automatically or manually. The time that Privazer invests in the examination and cleaning can be around 20 or 30 minutes, since the evaluation is very precise.


Among all the options offered by Privazer we highlight the following:

  • Perform safe, totally irreversible cleanings with a single click. To do this, it uses overwriting techniques in the sectors that contained the deleted information.
  • It is capable of cleaning not only the main disk of the computer but also all those that are connected or connected to the computer. It takes care of recognizing, without requiring any special action on the part of the user, the type of storage device. Thus, it is capable of adapting to each device the algorithms that deal with carrying out the process.
  • His work is related to the protection of privacy, avoiding the recovery, by third parties, of everything that has been deleted. Nobody will have to worry about the traces that can be left from Internet trips, from downloads made, from copying or deleting files, from installing and uninstalling applications, and similar processes.


The program includes, as we have pointed out, scheduled cleaning, cleaning removable disks and USB drives, as well as backup copies of the registry. It is a free application that has just been updated and works on the latest versions of Windows.

To consider

Whenever we use a computer, traces of our actions remain on it. Even if we delete files and/or uninstall applications, residues are not removed. For this reason, it is convenient to use an application like  Privazer , since it takes care of carrying out a deep and complete cleaning.


To get this application you have to access Privazer . It just got an update today.