How to Clear Amazon Search History

Are you a regular buyer of Amazon ? Well, surely you have noticed that the platform is continually offering you new products so that you end up making a new purchase. In fact, it is common for the recommendations they make to you to be based on products that you have recently seen or purchased and your search history has a lot to do with this . And that is precisely the reason that has brought you to MrAppsGeek , because you would like to know how to delete the Amazon search history , because throughout this simple article we will teach you how to do it.

What Is Amazon Search History And What Is It For?

It is a section where we can see all the queries and searches for products that we have recently made on the platform.

How to Disable Amazon Search History Easy and Fast 2023

To delete the Amazon search history we will have to enter the official page of the platform with our customer account.

Once inside we will have to scroll all the way down, practically to the bottom of the page.

Once we get to the bottom we will see a section called “Your Search History” , well, this is where we will have to select where it says “View or Modify your Browsing History” .

In the next step we will have to click on a tab on the right that says “History Management” .

It is here where we will have the opportunity to activate or deactivate the Amazon browsing history .

How to Delete Amazon History Step by Step 2023

In the event that we want to delete all the history, it will be enough to select the section that says “Delete All Items from View” .

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