How to Configure APN of ANY Android DEVICE

Situation: you change company for one of those OMVs (Virtual Mobile Operator ) that are so fashionable (Lowi, Simyo, Carrefour Móvil…) , you get home and decide ShitI do not have internet ! , It does not work !. Surely this has happened to you on more than one occasion (it did to me, even with the“shit”included), but you should know that everything is correct, the only problem is that you have to configure the operator’s APN for it to work correctly on your device. For this reason, I have created this post so that you know How to Configure APN of Any Android Device . But first of all we are going to see what an APN is according to Wikipedia.

What is an APN?

«The Access Point Name (NPA), from English: Access Point Name ( APN ), is the one that must be configured in each mobile device (the mobile phone for example, or another, such as the USB modem), so that the device can access a data network based on General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) or later standards (such as 3G and 4G).”

Source: Wikipedia

Now that we are more or less clear about what it is, we are going to see how to configure APN on Android .

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How to Configure APN of Any Android Device

Ok, you have already calmed down a bit knowing that your Internet problems with your recently released OMV have a solution . Now it only remains to know where the APN panel is to know how to configure APN on Android . Let’s go to them!

First of all, go to Settings>Operator, in my case it’s Amena , in yours it could be Carrefour Móvil for example.

Within your Virtual Mobile Operator (MVNO) or your company we give where it says APN.

Now click where it says “General” for the APN configuration .

Once inside we can edit the access point of our telephone company .

Now you may be wondering what your company’s APN is , so don’t worry, I’m going to leave a list of APN configurations that I’ll update from month to month. You just have to take a look and see your geographical area and your company.

How to configure APN in Spain

We are going to review the different APNs according to your telephone company in Spain … let’s start!

Configure APN Movistar Spain Android

  • Name: Movistar
  • APN or Access Point Name:
  • Username: MOVISTAR
  • Password: MOVISTAR
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 07
  • Authentication Type: PAP

APN Configuration Tuenti Spain

  • Name: Tuenti
  • APN or Access Point Name:
  • Username: tuenti
  • Password: tuenti
  • Authentication Type: PAP or CHAP
  • APN type: Select “Internet” or type “default,dun” or “default,supl” (without the quotes)
  • MCC: 214 or empty
  • MNC: 05 or empty
  • MMSC: Empty
  • MMS Proxy: Empty

How to configure data APN Carrefour mobile Spain

  • USER: (Blank)
  • PASSWORD: (Blank)

Masmovil Spain APN Configuration Data

up to 2GB

  • Operator: MÁSMÓVIL
  • APN: internetmas

More than 2GB

  • Operator: MÁSMÓVIL
  • APN: more data

Lowi Spain APN Configuration Data

  • APN name :
  • APN :

If you are going to use the MMS option , you have to set another new APN .

  • APN Name : LOWI_MMS
  • APN :
  • Username : [email protected]
  • Password : wap125
  • MMSC :
  • MMS Proxy :

APN Simyo Spain Android

  • APN Name:
  • Username: Empty
  • Password: Empty

Configuration Data AMENA Spain Android

  • Operator: Amena
  • APN: orangeworld
  • User: orange
  • Password: orange

APN configuration Telecable Spain Android

  • APN:
  • User: telecable
  • Password: telecable

APN Happy Mobile Spain

  • APN: internettph
  • User: empty
  • Password: empty

Configure APN Pepephone Android Spain

  • Name: Pepephone
  • APN:

APN data ONO Spain

  • Name ONO
  • APN
  • blank MMSC
  • Blank MMS Proxy
  • Blank MMS Port
  • blank MMS protocol
  • CMM 214
  • MNC 18
  • Authentication None
  • Default APN type

APN Orange Spain

  • Operator: Orange
  • APN: orangeworld
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • User: orange
  • Password: orange
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 3

Configure APN Yoigo Spain

  • Nombre: Yoigo
  • APN: internet
  • Proxy:
  • Puerto: 8080
  • MMSC:
  • Proxy MMS:
  • Puerto MMS:
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 04
  • Tipo de autentificacion: PAP
  • Tipo de APN: Internet

Datos De Configuración APN Vodafone España

  • Nombre: Vodafone ES
  • APN:
  • Proxy: No establecido
  • Puerto: No establecido
  • Nombre de Usuario: [email protected]
  • Contraseña: wap125
  • Servidor: No establecido
  • MMSC: null
  • Proxy MMS: No establecido
  • Puerto MMS: No establecido
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 01
  • Tipo de APN: default

Configuración APN Jazztel España

  • Nombre: internet
  • APN: jazzinternet
  • Usuario: Vacío
  • Password: Vacío

Datos APN R España

  • Usuario: vacío
  • Contraseña: vacío

Configurar APN Euskatel España

  • Usuario: CLIENTE
  • Contraseña: EUSKALTEL

I hope this list for the APN configuration of your device has helped you , I would also like to add that this list will be updated little by little, that is, new APN configurations will be added according to geographical areas month by month.

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