How To Connect A Chinese Smartwatch To An Android

Since 2015, smartwatches have experienced a tremendous boom, although since then it has been more than demonstrated that this is not a passing fad. At the beginning, smart watches were quite expensive and it was difficult for this new trend to be implemented. Currently there are so many models that sometimes it is even difficult to opt for one.

China is the leading country in technology companies, most smartwatches have been made there. Whether you buy the Chinese or the international version, sometimes it is difficult to connect them, below we will show you how to connect a Chinese smartwatch to an Android.

How To Set Up A Chinese Smartwatch On Android? 2023

The way to configure a Chinese smartwatch will depend on the model it is and the mobile operating system with which it will later be synchronized.

To configure a Chinese smartwatch it is essential to use the Wear OS application, available for Android but also for iPhone. Wear OS will allow you to connect your smartwatch with your mobile to be able to synchronize and configure it to your liking.

It is possible that it will not let you configure your smartwatch because it does not detect it, for this it is recommended to have all the updated applications from the Google Play Store and check that you have installed the Android version of the application (Android Wear).

If you have installed the application correctly and it does not let you connect your Chinese smartwatch , it is probably because it is not compatible. In this case, you should review the manufacturer’s instructions and install the application indicated in the brochure.

How to Synchronize a Chinese Smartwatch With Android? 2023

For your mobile to detect the smartwatch you must follow the following steps:

  • Keep your smartwatch on and install the Android Wear app or the one indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your mobile and open the application.
  • The synchronization system is similar in all applications, you must give the option “synchronize bracelet” or “start configuration”.
  • The application will search for the closest devices, when it detects yours you must click on it.
  • Wait for it to synchronize by keeping the bracelet close to the mobile.

Once the watch is synchronized, you will be able to access all the settings and options that it allows you, from the watchface, notifications or aspects of the sport or health mode.

Best Apps For Chinese Smartwatch 2023

Chinese smartwatches often have a fragile connection, difficulty connecting or getting their notification system to work properly. We leave you some applications to improve this:

MediaTek Device

It is free and allows your watch to be easily synchronized with your mobile, it will also improve the reading of notifications on your smartwatch.

Download | MediaTek Device


If you don’t like the default watch faces or have already grown tired of them, this free app allows you to change the watch face background and customize it to your liking.

Google Play | facer

BT Notifier

Some mobiles are limited when it comes to connecting devices via Bluetooth, it may let you synchronize it, but it will not show you notifications. This free application will allow you to receive notifications on the bracelet and select which applications you want to receive them from and which ones you don’t.

Google Play | BT Notifier

If you know more apps for Chinese SmartWatch, I would appreciate it if you would leave me a comment and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Thank you very much!