How to control the temperature of your Samsung mobile

Knowing the temperature of a mobile is a resource that everyone should know since heat is a very detrimental factor not only for performance but also for the useful life of a device. This is something that we have seen before in MrAppsGeek since some games like Genshin Impact can heat up the terminal a lot and even in other cases when trying to use the charger we receive messages of the type: «Charging paused the temperature of the battery is too high» . That is why today we bring you a tutorial with which you can control the temperature of your Samsung mobile and all thanks to an application called Thermal guardian .

What Is Samsung Thermal Guardian And What Is It For?

Thermal Guardian From Samsung is an APK that we can install as a module within the Samsung Labs application, which we can get through the Galaxy Store. This module is used to monitor the temperature of our phone and be able to reduce the threshold to prevent the device from overheating .

How to Install Samsung Thermal Guardian Step by Step 2023

The first step is to install the Samsung Labs application , so we must go to the Galaxy Store and press the search engine that is at the top right.

Here we write “Galaxy Labs” without quotes and we will install the application .

Finally we will click on “Install” .

Once we have installed Samsung Labs we must install the Thermal Guardian module .

How to Monitor Samsung Temperature with Thermal Guardian Easy and Fast 2023

Once we enter Samsung Labs we can install various modules such as Galaxy App Booster or Memory Guardian , well the only one that interests us is Thermal Guardian , so we must select it.

We click on “Install” .

Once installed we will have the following “Settings” options.

  1. We can move 2 points to the right to increase the temperature threshold by 2 degrees (in this way the terminal will increase its range by 2 degrees before detecting that the device is hot).
  2. If we slide 2 points to the left, we can lower the heat threshold by 2 degrees, thus preventing the mobile from overheating.
  3. Finally we will have at our disposal a graph where we can check the temperature that our mobile has reached in the last 24 hours.

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