How to CONVERT OGG FILE TO MP3 Easy and Fast

Surely you have come to this tutorial because you have audio files encoded in OGG stored on your PC and you would like to be able to convert them to MP3 since it is the most used extension and therefore the most compatible . That is why throughout this post we will give you 2 methods to go from OGG to MP3 online for free, easily and quickly .

What Are Files In OGG Format And What Are They For?

It is an audio file format whose extension is .ogg , it receives this nickname because it uses an open compression code called Ogg Vorbis which provides an excellent compression ratio along with good quality between 16 and 128 kps .

This format is used by some applications and social networks, for example, WhatsApp, the problem is that its use is less standardized than MP3, so it is not as compatible as the latter, so below we will explain 2 methods to transform from OGG to MP3 free .

How to Convert OGG to MP3 for Free (Method 1)

With this simple method, you won’t need any program to convert from OGG to MP3 since all we have to do is rename the extension. To do this, all we have to do is the following:

  1. We select the OGG file with the right mouse button , in the pop-up menu we click on “Change Name ” and we rename the OGG extension to MP3 .
  2. Finally, it will ask us if we want to change the extension to the file and we will click “YES” .

Convert OGG Audio to MP3 Online Free

Another way to transform this format is to use a free audio to mp3 converter in Spanish in this way we make sure that the conversion is a complete success. To do this, the first thing we must do is enter the following website:

Once inside we must click on “Select the Files” .

  1. We select the file with the ogg extension .
  2. And we click on “Open” .

To change the OGG file to MP3 we will click on “Convert” and wait a few moments.

And that’s it, we already know how to transfer files from OGG to MP3 online for free and we can even download them to our PC.

If you have any questions about this tutorial you can always leave me a comment expressing your concerns, I will try to answer as soon as possible. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks , that will allow you to help other people.