How to COPY Text from a Protected Web Page

If you are a content creator like me, you will know how annoying it is for someone to copy text from your website without your permission in order to add it to other online portals, this act being very harmful to your page since Google penalizes copied content . That is why many Webmasters use methods to protect themselves from people who copy their content . Hence, you have verified that you cannot select text in some web portals . But changing the approach, it is possible that your intentions are good and you need to copy text from a protected web pageto do a class project or you simply need to send a fragment via WhatsApp to a friend. That is why, today in MrAppsGeek we will see some methods to copy text from a website that is not easy and fast .

Why Can’t I Select Text On A Web Page?

Are you wondering why “I can’t copy text from a web page” ? Well, simply because the author of said project has prevented you from using the mouse buttons both to select text and to copy it.

Why is this done?

To prevent your content from being stolen and from appearing on other websites, since Google penalizes copied content . But do not worry below we will explain some ways to select text and photos to copy them on protected web .

How To Copy Text From Blocked Web Page Inspecting It

This will be the first method and it is not necessarily the best, but it is a way, after all, to bypass the text block on protected websites . To do this, the first thing we must do is place the cursor over the text that we cannot select and press the right mouse button , then in the pop-up menu we will click “Inspect” , as in the photo.

Now we must look at the left side menu and do the following:

  1. Press the option that says “Select an Element the page to inspect it” (select an element on the page to inspect it).
  2. Press the blocked text .
  3. On the right we will see the following html code <p>…</p> , click on the middle with the mouse.

As if by magic, the text will appear which we can copy with the right mouse button .

This method to copy text from a website that does not leave it is not bad but it has certain limitations , since there are websites that cancel the mouse buttons, so this trick would not work for us , but do not despair, now we will show you the best method of all.

Copy Protected Web Text (Ultimate Method)

For this trick we will use a quick keyboard shortcut , which basically consists of using a combination of keys at the same time with which a window will appear with the options to print the printer page (if you don’t have one, nothing happens ). The key combination would be the following:

  • Ctrl + P

Now it is as easy as selecting the text that is not protected now and with the right mouse button we click on “Copy” , it is that simple!

And these are the 2 ways to copy text from a protected web page , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget that you can help other people by sharing this tutorial on your social networks… Thank you very much for your support!