How to create a favicon for a website

I suppose you know what a favicon is , but if you don’t, I’ll explain it to you in a few words below. This is a small image that appears in the address bar of most web browsers to identify the website that just loaded. Almost all sites have their own favicon , although there are also some that use the default one, for example, as part of the theme that accompanies the content manager used.

Although in content managers such as WordPress, the system itself includes a tool to create a favicon , it doesn’t hurt to know the existence of what we now propose.

To make one of these little icons you need a specific application to help you design it. There are a few, not many, some desktop and others to use online. Favicon Generator belongs to the second group and does its job very well.

upload an image

The simplest and easiest way to create a favicon is to do it from an image, in GIF, JPEG or PNG format, which you must upload from your computer so that, after clicking on the Create Favicon button , you get the desired icon.

You can download it to your computer to upload it later to the web server. It also provides the portion of code that you must copy in the header of the site. In the creation process, before starting it, you can specify whether or not you want to keep the original dimensions of the image or change it to 16×16 pixels. We must also specify whether or not we want our favicon to appear in the site’s gallery.

Using the editor

There is also the option of using an editor to create a favicon from turning dots on and off on a tapestry of sixteen by sixteen little squares, using a color palette. When the creation process is finished, you must click, as in the previous case, on the  Create Favicon button . You can also indicate whether or not you want the icon to be part of the gallery.

Going to the gallery

In the event that we do not want to follow any of the previous processes, we can use one of the favicons that are part of the gallery, after clicking on the corresponding button. At the moment there are about 280,000 icons.


To use this free tool you have to access the Favicon Editor .