How to Create a Google Stadia PRO Account for Free

Playing consoles by Streaming is the future, would you like to try it? Well… you’re already taking time! Now you can create a Google Stadia PRO account for free , all thanks to its promotion with which you can try this gaming platform on the cloud during the first month free of charge thanks to its trial period . In this way you will be able to know first-hand if it is worth it or not , and well… if you are not convinced by the service, you can always cancel the Google Stadia Pro account before they charge you for the first month since, as I said before, the The platform allows you to try the service with a 1-month trial legally .

How To Create A Google Stadia Pro Account Step By Step 2023

In this tutorial I will teach you how to sign up for Stadia through its official application , for this the first thing we must do is download the app through the Google Play application store at the following link .

Once inside the application we will have to log in with our Gmail to create an account , now we will only have to enter any game that is offered in the Google Stadia games catalog , for example, Destiny 2. Once selected we go down a little more down and enter where it says “Get with Pro” .

What benefits do I have if I sign up for Google Stadia Pro?

Currently if you sign up for Google Stadia Pro you will have the following benefits:

  • You will have a catalog of free games to play on Google Stadia Pro .
  • You can save up to €10 when you buy your first game .
  • Exclusive discounts .
  • When you sign up for Google Stadia Pro you will have a 1-month free trial .

To test Google Stadia Pro we must click where it says “Start Test” .

How to Sign Up for Google Stadia Pro 2023

We will have to log in with our PayPal account, on this screen we will see how we will have a 1-month free trial period when creating an account in Google Stadia Pro . It will not be until the following month that we will be charged the amount of €9.99 , being able to cancel the service in case we are not convinced before we are charged. If we are clear about the conditions, we will click on “Subscribe” .

In the next section we must verify our PayPal password .

Finally we will give the following:

  1. We can request authentication of purchases ( here you have more information) in which we can choose: Yes, Always or No, thanks (optional).
  2. Then we click on “OK” .

Is Google Stadia Pro Worth It? 2023 (Video)

After having tried Google Stadia Pro for 1 week, I have decided to unsubscribe because despite having a 100 megabyte connection, the experience has been disastrous . To play correctly from my Smartphone I have to be next to the router , otherwise the games present lag and severe slowdowns . Then I will leave you a video where you can see what Stadia really looks like. To situate you, I’m playing about 5 meters from the router in a straight line (I’m on the second floor of my house) and I get about 25/30 mb (Google Stadia requires a minimum connection of 15 Mb) and the gaming experience is horrible .

It should also be noted that you can create a Google Stadia Pro account to try the free month they offer and unsubscribe on the same day (you will still enjoy the trial month). This way you can test the service and see if it suits your needs.

What do you think of Google Stadia Pro, do you think it’s worth it in 2023? , you can leave me your experiences as comments, they could help other people to decide. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you very much!.