How to CREATE A PROFILE On Disney Plus Easy and Fast

Do you want to create a user profile on Disney Plus but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry , the MrAppsGeek will explain the procedure step by step, all well explained and easy.

What Is A User Profile And What Is It For On Disney Plus?

Just as you can create a user login on Windows 10 or another operating system, Disney+ also offers the ability to create multiple user profiles . In this way you can separate the content you see from other users who share the same account, something that is frankly useful.

Why Create New User Profiles On Disney+?

There are several reasons that can be given to know how to add new users to your Disney Plus account but they could be summarized in these 2:

  1. If you share an account with other people you can have separate logins through user profiles .
  2. Possibility of creating a user profile with a child filter .

How many users can I create on Disney Plus per account?

Up to a total of 7 profiles can be created , of which 4 users can simultaneously enjoy the service .

How to Create a User Profile on Disney Plus from PC

To add a new user to Disney + , the first thing we must do is log in to the official page through the following link .

Once inside we will look at our profile (which is at the top right) and we enter inside.

A pop-up menu will appear and we must enter the section that says “Add Profile” , as in the photo.

Choose Your Profile Icon

Now we will have a lot of avatars related to Disney characters , we choose the one we like the most to have it as a profile picture .

Ok, we already have our Disney avatar for our profile, now what we have to do is:

  1. Give us a username .
  2. Hit “Save” .

And that’s it, every time we log in to Disney Plus we will have the possibility to choose the profile we have created.

How to Add a User Profile on Disney + From Mobile

The first thing you should do is install the official Disney Plus app on your smartphone , then we leave you the download links to their respective app stores:

Once we enter the application to add a user profile from the mobile , the first thing we must do is enter our profile that is in the lower right part of the screen.

Once inside, we will notice that there is a “+” symbol at the top in which it says “Add Profile” , we enter to create a new one.

We choose our Disney avatar to put it on the profile .

How to Create a Disney + Profile From the App

Now we must name our profile and finally we click on “Save” .

If you have followed the steps correctly, you will now have a new profile in your Disney + account .

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