How to Create a Rain Alarm on PC Easy

Did you know that you can create a rain alarm on your PC ? Yes! This way you will be able to know when a storm is approaching minutes before it starts to rain from the comfort of your home. In MrAppsGeek we will explain how to use Rain Alarm , a Google Chrome extension that will send us notifications to know when a heavy downpour is coming .

What is Rain Alarm and what is it for?

Rain Alarm is a tool that will allow us to set rain alarms thanks to which we will be able to receive storm notifications regarding our position with animated radar maps. This app is available on both mobiles and PCs.

How to create a rain alarm on the computer step by step 2023

The first thing we must do is install the Rain Alarm extension directly from the Chrome Web Store .

Download Rain Alarm Free 2023

You can download this extension directly from the following link .

Once inside the store we will select the tab that says “Add to Chrome” .

A banner will appear at the top of our browser where we must select the section that says “Add Application” .

How To Use Rain Alarm Easy And Fast 2023

The first thing we must do is accept the privacy policy of the application . To do this we must give it below just where it says “OK” .

We will be notified that the “Rain Alarm” application will start running in the background so that it can send us notifications of upcoming storms to our PC .

How to configure this application

Before establishing a new alarm we must interpret the Rain Alarm application, for this we must configure the following parameters:

  1. Alarm sensitivity: Sets the ease with which the warning is triggered, we can set it to “High, Medium and Low” .
  2. Search interval: The time in which the rain search is updated, the shorter the more accurate it will be.
  3. Search radius: It is the perimeter in which the rain is looking for with respect to our initial position.
  4. Notifications: On, short or off.
  5. Sound: On or off.
  6. New position: Check our position automatically or manually.

How to activate a rain alarm in Windows 2023

Finally, to enable the rain alarm on the PC , we only have to do the following:

  1. Click on the extension.
  2. We check our position.
  3. We monitor the nearest storm.

What Is The Official Page Of Rain Alarm ?

If you want, you can enter the official page of the Rain Alarm application to be able to monitor storms without installing anything from the following link:

And this would be the easiest method to receive rain alarm alerts from the PC , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer. Do not forget to share this tutorial with other people, in this way you can also help them to solve their problems… Thank you very much for everything!