How to Create a Reminder With the Google Assistant

Creating a reminder with the Google assistant is a resource that every Android user should know, in fact, we have already seen in MrAppsGeek how versatile this virtual assistant can be since it can help us to know where we have parked the car , recognize a song by its whistle or even ask it to play soothing sounds . Today, however, we are going to focus on explaining how to add a reminder with said assistant. You will see how easy it is if you follow these steps.

How To Create A Reminder With The Google Assistant Step By Step 2023

  1. The first step we must take is to open our virtual assistant, doing it is simple, we just have to press and hold the start button for 2 seconds . Once started we will have to say “Ok Google” out loud .
  2. After this, he will ask us “how can I help you? to which we will say that we want to “create a reminder”.

Set A Reminder With Google Assistant Easy and Fast 2023

Now it is time to configure the reminder data for which we must fill out the following form:

  1. We put a name to the reminder .
  2. We add place and time .
  3. In this section we can record the day and time we want to receive the reminder.
  4. We can also program a repeat alarm.
  5. Finally we will click on “Save” .
  1. We can also configure it so that it repeats itself every week.
  2. Finally to save the changes we will click on “Done” .

If we have followed the previous steps correctly we will see how a new reminder will be added .

How To See Reminders In The Google Assistant 2023

In the same way we can view the reminders that we have previously created, for this we must press the start button and when the wizard appears we will look for the option to view them.

  1. Here we can see what time we have our appointment.
  2. We can also modify data .
  3. Even delete them .

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