How to create amazing videos in minutes

Magisto is an ideal application to use on an iPhone or iPad mobile device. If you use your device’s video camera, with it you can edit the videos you’ve made or are making and turn them into attractive movies.

You will only need a few minutes to complete your creations. Magisto uses an Artificial Intelligence system that examines and analyzes the videos to turn them into works of professionals.

No previous knowledge is necessary when making touch-ups, everything is immediate, after pressing a button. An automatic stabilization of the video occurs, after starting the editing process.

And it doesn’t stop there, you can also use filters, effects and transitions that adapt perfectly to the content of the video. It implements facial recognition, which will allow you to tag people you know through Facebook Connect.

If you use Magisto as a camera, you can start the processing at the same moment of recording the video. You can add a soundtrack using the music library that comes with the app.

To consider

If you want to share your creations, you can do it directly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or via email. Access your movies from your iOS device or from your Magisto account .

The technology used by the application makes it possible to interpret and detect people, pets, objects, scenes, landscapes, or music, among many other elements and actions. It is capable of understanding the intentions of the cameraman, helping him in his filming work, enhancing and embellishing the videos, as well as adding color corrections and other features.


Among the features offered by  Magisto, the following stand out:

  • No effort is required to carry out video editing. It is easily done, with great results.
  • The movies are obtained quickly. In just a few minutes, after making the changes, they can be seen.
  • The AI ​​technology used is used to analyze and edit the best parts of the videos.
  • It offers automatic video stabilization, filters, effects and transitions that interact with the actual video content.


Magisto is a free app that can be obtained from the App Store . It can be downloaded directly from the mobile device.

To know all its features you have to access Magisto . Just a week ago a new version of it just came out. Within the  app purchases are included, among which are the subscription to the Premium version of the application.