How To Create An Android App In 2 MINUTES With APKcreator

Have you ever dreamed of making mobile applications ? I have, but the truth is that I don’t have the necessary knowledge to develop mobile applications . This since yesterday has changed with APKcreator. With this app , we can learn how to create an Android application in 2 minutes .

Let’s see, when I say that this post is to know how to create an Android application in 2 minutes, it is not just any application. It is basically learning how to create an app in APK to gain visits with your blog . In other words, add one more source of referred visits to your blog through an Android application .

I have already created the app version of my blog for Android , if you want to be up to date with the latest on ” MrAppsGeek”, do not hesitate to download it from the link below!

How to create an Android app in 2 minutes with APKcreator

To make mobile applications with APKcreator , the first thing we must do is download the app from the following link:

How to use APKcreator for mobile app creation

Once we have downloaded APKcreator we open it and we will find an interface like this:

To create an application for your blog with APKcreator , we will only have to follow the 6 steps:

Website URL

Here we will put the URL of our website, in my case, .

App Title

The title of our blog in my case: MrAppsGeek.

icon url

We can upload an icon to create an app or we can upload the URL of the icon.

version number

This is the version number of our Android application , in my case 1.0

app language

The language of the app only lets us choose between English and French.

Your Email

You put your e-mail and that’s it.

Then you can click on the advanced options , so you will have the option to put the blog in landscape mode for example or add a vertical scroll bar .

When everything is correct, click on “I agree terms and conditions” and press “create my app”. APKcreator , it will take less than 1 minute to create an app .

Once you have created the application with APKcreator you will see a screen like this:

You will only have to click download to download your blog in APK format . In this way you will get more visits with the official mobile application of your blog.

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