How to Create an Avatar in WhatsApp Easy and Fast

WhatsApp is an application that offers new features to its users with each update. If some time ago we saw the incorporation of sending photos and videos that self-destruct or hide our online status , today we bring you a function that is highly demanded by all. And it is that now we can create a personalized WhatsApp avatar , you just have to follow the instructions in this tutorial of The MrAppsGeek to know how to do it.

What is a WhatsApp Avatar and what is it for?

A WhatsApp avatar is an image or visual representation that you can use to represent yourself in the messaging app.

It’s basically a way to personalize your profile and make it easier for your contacts to identify you. You can change your avatar at any time, so if you want to update it to reflect your mood or a makeover, you can easily do so.

In addition, it is also used in group chat, so it is a way for other users to quickly identify who is sending a message in a multi-person chat.

How to Make an Avatar With Your Face in WhatsApp Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to enter the official application and select the 3 vertical points on the home screen that are just above on the right.

Then we access “Settings” .

We will see that among all the options there is a new one called “Avatar” , we select it.

On the next screen we will click on “Create your Avatar” .

We will see a welcome screen to META in which they suggest that we can customize our avatar and share stickers based on this element.

To continue we will give it at the bottom where it says “Start” .

  1. The first thing we must choose is the skin tone of our character (try to choose the one that is most faithful to reality).
  2. Then we will click on “Next” .

Now we will have a multitude of customizable features starting with:

  1. The hair style .
  2. We can choose from a multitude of hairstyles .
  3. They will be immediately reflected in our character.
  1. We will also have a wardrobe section .
  2. Where we can choose between a lot of sets and styles of clothing .
  3. In the upper part we will see how our avatar feels .
  1. We can choose from a wide range of eye styles .
  2. We can also choose even the color of them.
  3. Again any change will be reflected in our character.
  1. In the same way, we can also choose the shape of our eyebrows .
  2. There are a multitude of brow styles available.
  3. Any change will be immediately reflected in our avatar.
  1. Do you have the face of dad ? or sharp? .
  2. Well, you have at your disposal a multitude of styles of faces .
  3. This way you can change the face width of your avatar.

These are some examples of WhatsApp customization, but you can also change a multitude of parameters such as: hair color, nose style, skin spots, piercings, wearing glasses or even a hat.

Once our character is to our liking we will do the following:

  1. We click on “Ready” which is just above on the right.
  2. We will save the changes.

Finally we will click on “Next” to finish configuring our WhatsApp avatar .

How to Create Profile Photo With Your Avatar in WhatsApp Easy and Fast 2023

To put an avatar as a WhatsApp profile photo, we just have to go to the “Avatar” section of the application settings and select the “Create Profile Photo” section .

On the next screen we can configure the profile photo of the WhatsApp avatar as follows:

  1. We will be able to select between several images of our avatar .
  2. The image chosen in the previous step will be reflected in the WhatsApp profile.
  3. Also choose the background color of the profile .
  4. If we do not like something we will always have the possibility to re- edit it .
  5. Finally we will click on “Save Changes” just above on the right.

Send Stickers Of Your Avatar By WhatsApp 2023

In the same way, we can also send personalized stickers of your avatar by WhatsApp. To do this we will have to go to the “Avatar” section of the WhatsApp settings and select the “Search Stickers” option , in this way we can see which ones we have available.

To send them we will only have to open a chat:

  1. We select the emoji and we will see how a new thumbnail that looks like a cartoon appears just below on the right , we select it.
  2. Here we will have at our disposal a multitude of stickers of our avatar , we will only have to select the one we want to send.
  3. We can also sort them by categories: Everything, love, happy, sad and angry .
  4. Once the one we want to send is selected, this is how it would look in the conversation.

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Avatar Definitely 2023

In the event that your creation does not convince you, you can always delete your WhatsApp avatar completely by following these steps:

  1. We open the application.
  2. We select the 3 vertical points on the top right .
  3. We enter “Settings” .
  4. Then we go to «Avatar» .

Within this section, all that remains is to do the following:

  1. We click on “Delete Avatar” .
  2. A confirmation screen will appear indicating that we will lose our avatar and its stickers , to continue we will click on “Delete” and that’s it.

Now you know how to create your WhatsApp avatar step by step . What did you think of the process? Complicated? You can express yourself in the comments section. Do not forget to share this tutorial with other people through your social networks. Thank you very much!