How to Create an IGTV ACCOUNT on Android

I suppose you have already heard that Instagram has launched its own “Youtube”. We have already taken care of making an IGTV tutorial (that’s what the app is called). However, you may be wondering how to create an IGTV account on Android , we will explain it to you step by step and EASY.

How To Create An IGTV Account With Instagram 2023

Do you have an Instagram profile? Well, let me tell you that you also have an IGTV account . To access it you just have to log in with your username .

Create an IGTV account with Instagram without Facebook

In the event that you want an IGTV account, you can access it by entering with the email that you have linked to Instagram. You just have to access the “Change account” tab .

Once inside we fill in the following information.

  • E-mail or username.
  • Password.

Once the standard form has been filled out, we press “Enter” and we will have our user profile on this platform .

Create an IGTV Account With Facebook Without Instagram

In the event that you do not have a profile on this social network, you can always create an IGTV account with Facebook . The first thing we must do is click on its corresponding section as indicated in the photo.

Login With Facebook

Click on “Login Facebook Session” .

Now we write our email or phone and of course our Facebook password .

We link our Facebook profile and click on “Continue” and we already know how to create an IGTV account with Facebook .

If you have any questions about how to create a user on IGTV , you can always leave me a comment, I’ll help you. Thanks for your interest and visit. I hope you share this article with your social networks.