How to create and publish books from an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac

It does not have to be a literary work, it can be an illustration book, a small or large textbook, a document in which you collect your cooking recipes, or perhaps that essay that you have messy in your head and that you would like share. iBooks Author is the application you need to unleash your creativity, with your iOS device or with your Mac as an instrument.

You have a large number of templates, with different designs, on which you can add text and drag and drop images. It includes multi-touch widgets in order to add interactive content, from photo galleries to videos, 3D objects or Keynote presentations, among many other possibilities. You will be able to see how the book looks on your device before finalizing it.

How to start

You can start with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if you are not satisfied with this method, you can start using one of the many templates that Apple offers you. You just have to choose the one that best suits your creation. Thus, you can resort to those included in classic textbooks, cookbooks or photo albums. You can select landscape or portrait orientation models. You can also resort to the page designs offered in each template or create your own design.

The construction of the book

Adding text, graphics, movies, and more to make your book look the way you want it to be is easy. Just drag and drop a Pages or Microsoft Word document into the Book panel to add it as part of it. Then when you drag and drop images, the text automatically wraps around them. There is also the possibility of importing Adobe InDesign and EPUB files, and giving them the special touch that this application offers.

There’s still more…

The books created will be highly attractive. In addition to everything indicated, it is also possible to add audio and video files. And it does not stop there, it is also possible to add widgets that include photo galleries, animations that unfold outside the page, or attractive 3D elements, among other possibilities.


The app is free and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. For its operation (preview of the books created) it is convenient to download the Apple Books application for your iPad (also valid for iPhone) .

To find out all the features of this application and proceed to download it, you must access iBooks Author . As we have already indicated, it is a free application. Supported languages ​​include Spanish.