How to Create Free Christmas Cards on Windows

One of the things we usually do at Christmas (apart from eating nougats and polvorones) is to congratulate our family and friends to wish them happy holidays. Although there are many greeting cards on the Internet to send by WhatsApp, their thing is to give it a touch of originality and create them ourselves . That is why today in Tuto Win1 10 I am going to teach you how to create free Christmas postcards in Windows to add personality to your Christmas greetings.

How to Create Free Christmas Cards on PC

There are many apps to make free Christmas cards on Windows and even online . However, I do them with an app called 101 Christmas Card  since its interface is simple and it is very easy to use.

Download 101 Christmas Card Free For Windows

Creating postcards with Christmas phrases from Windows 10 is easy , you just have to download this application from the Microsoft Store at the following link .

How to make free personalized Christmas cards on Windows

Once we have installed the app, all we have to do is open it to see all the Christmas cards available . Among all we must select the one we like the most.

Make Christmas Cards With Personalized Message From Windows

Now we will look at the top right where it says “Add Text” (Add Text). We must click here to create our Christmas message .

Now it will be enough to follow the following steps:

  1. Here we can customize our card to congratulate Christmas , we can add style, color, size, background, borders and even the corners of the message.
  2. Once finished we will click on “Done” (Done) .
  3. Finally we will click on “Save” (Save) .

All our Christmas cards will be saved in the “Images” folder on our PC and we will be able to access them whenever we want to send them to our family and friends.

I hope that this tutorial on how to create Christmas cards for free in Windows has helped you congratulate your loved ones. Do not forget that you have at your disposal the different social network buttons to publicize this content, please your support is very important, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!