How to create presentations on Mac with Keynote

When we talk about slideshows, many people think of PowerPoint, one of the most popular applications, which is part of the different Microsoft Office packages. But there are many more tools for this purpose, from those included in and LibreOffice , to other specific ones, also to be installed on the computer, whatever the operating system, without forgetting those that are offered to use online.

Keynote is a powerful app that runs on macOS and offers a remarkable set of powerful tools. Those responsible for it tell us: « Keynote makes it easy for you to create incredible presentations with its powerful tools and effects. The app comes standard on almost all Apple devices, and you can use it with Apple Pencil on iPad to draw diagrams or illustrations that bring your slides to life. Plus, with real-time collaboration features, you and your team can work together on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even a PC .”

Keynote Features

Presentations created with Keynote will look professional, grab the attention of everyone who looks at them. To create them we will have at our disposal more than 30 themes that will help us to start adding content on the template that we have selected. You will only have to put images and texts, placing them in the appropriate places after choosing the placeholders. But the creation process does not stop there, since it is also possible to add tables, graphs, shapes, photos and videos, all seasoned with the appropriate transitions and precise effects.

What else does it offer?

Presentations can be stored in iCloud, making them available on all connected devices. It is also possible to share each presentation through a URL. As long as you have a Mac, a Windows or Linux computer, an iPad or an iPhone at your disposal, you can modify any of the presentations created.

How to create a presentation

Start by selecting a topic from those offered. Use the slide navigator to move through the presentation you’re creating. Add interactive graphics and animations. Use the predefined styles to give your presentation a personal touch. Choose the right slide transitions, text and image animations, and effects. Make, before compiling the results, a preview of how the presentation will look. Create and have fun.

Presentations as elaborate as your ideas

This is what they tell us on the website dedicated to the application: « As soon as you open it, Keynote unfolds all its magic so that you can create a memorable presentation. Its simple interface brings to the fore all the key tools to add graphics, edit images and apply movie effects with ease. And Rehearse mode for iPhone and iPad lets you practice on the go by displaying the current and next slide, your notes, and even the clock in one window .”


Keynote is a free app that works on macOS, supported directly by Apple. There is also a version of the app for iOS devices. To get any of them you have to access Keynote .