How to CREATE REELS on Instagram Easy and Fast

After the possibility of banning TikTok in the rest of the world is being considered, the competition is not sitting idly by as they want to launch their own alternative to this social network that is reaping so much success throughout the entire planet. One of them is Instagram who has created their own version of TikTok called Reels . That is why today in MrAppsGeek you will learn how to use this new Instagram function to create your own Reels step by step .

What Are Instagram Reels And What Are They For?

Reels is a new Instagram function that is shown as an alternative to TikTok thanks to which we can create short video clips with text , all kinds of effects and of course with music .

How Instagram Reels Works Explained In Spanish 2023

First of all, it should be noted that to use this new Instagram function it will not be necessary to download any application, the only requirement is to have an account on this social network, this is the only requirement to use this alternative to TikTok .

How To Create An Instagram Reel Step By Step 2023

The first thing we should do is enter our profile and then go to our “History”.

Once inside we will have access to our camera and we must go to the bottom and move to the left until we reach the “Reels” option.

In this section we will look at the left that we have some options to add music to our Reels, time limit, playback speed or effects . Once we have it configured as we want, we will press the record button to start the creation of our Reel.

Once we have finished, we will click on the arrow that points to the right to go to the next screen.

How to Share Instagram Reels Easy and Fast 2023

In this section we can add text and hashtags to our Reel and finally we can share it with our friends.

And this is the tutorial to use this alternative to Tik Tok from Instagram , what do you think of this new function, do you like it? You can express yourself in comments. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, that would help me a lot to continue making more content like this. Thank you!