How To Create Tags With SwiftKey On Android

SwiftKey is for me one of the best Android keyboards out there, I use it a lot. In the MrAppsGeek we have seen several tutorials how to download themes , send gifs or how to use the incognito mode of SwiftKey . Today we are going to see how to create tags with SwiftKey in Android .

What Are Labels Or Stickers In SwiftKey?

Well, they are basically stickers (also called stickers or labels ) which we can create with our own photos . The fun thing about this is that we can put a text in it, it would be like making Memes from your own photos with SwiftKey .

How to Create Tags With SwiftKey on Android?

To create Memes with SwiftKey , the first thing we will have to do is download the latest beta of this great Android application , since this functionality is present in it. However, in a matter of days you can create your Stickers with SwiftKey with the latest version of Google Play .

Once installed we will have to open the keyboard for it you will only have to start any WhatsApp conversation . If you are attentive, you have noticed that a “+” symbol appears at the top left, click on it to unlock the top bar of SwiftKey .

Well, we’re going well , now look at the upper right part , you will see an icon of a fixer , click on it.

A new menu will appear, to create stickers with SwiftKey we will press where it says “create label” .

If you have done well so far, we will see the thumbnails of our gallery photos . Now we will only have to choose the one we want to send stickers of our photos with SwiftKey .

Once the photo is chosen, we can add a text to create stickers with SwiftKey from our photos. We can adjust the size of the text , when we have everything ready we press send and that’s it .

You already know how to create labels with SwiftKey on Android, if you have any questions, write me a comment. Do not forget to share and thanks for your visit.