How to Crop Videos on Android Easy and Fast

Knowing how to cut videos on Android is a resource that every user should know since we spend more and more time editing clips to upload them to Instagram or your favorite social networks. The only impediment to this is that the upload of short videos is being standardized on different social platforms . In fact, in MrAppsGeek we have already made some editing application tutorials in which we showed you how easy it is to cut clips on TikTok , join videos or cut a photo in a circle . Today, however, we will talk about a software to cut videos for free called InShotthat works really well, that is why we invite you to stay until the end so that you know how it works step by step.

What is InShot and what is it for?

InShot is a multimedia editing application that will allow us to cut videos on Android , put music on them , edit photos and even make collages .

Download InShot For Android Free 2023

You can install this video trimmer app on Android or iOS for free directly from their respective app stores via the following links:

How to Crop Videos on Android and iOS Step by Step 2023

The first time we enter InShot for the first time we must click on the section that says “Video” .

This will take us directly to our mobile gallery in which we will have to follow these steps:

  1. We choose “Video” .
  2. We select the clip that we want to cut .
  3. We give it to validate (the that is just below on the right).

Here we will have several options such as increase the volume , put a background or put a video in slow motion , however, among all the only one that interests us is “Cut” , we select it.

How to Cut Videos on Android Easy and Fast 2023

On the next screen we can cut the section of the screen that we want, if we want to leave everything as it is, we place it in original and we validate (again the ).

Finally, to trim a mobile video we will have to do the following:

  1. We are located at the extreme left and we are cutting the section that we want to keep.
  2. The same on the right.

In this way we can use this app to trim videos on Android and iOS to make them last less time and weigh less.

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