How to Delete a Badoo Account From Mobile

Meeting new people is one of the things that most interest us as human beings. And it is that we do not stop being “social animals”, I remember that in his day I used a tool called Irc Hispano to meet people , even on the MrAppsGeek we already saw a series of social networking applications to flirt for free . One of them and one of the most used is Badoo , the problem is that these types of tools collect too much information and it is possible that at some point you want to unsubscribe . For this reason, today we are going to see how to delete a Badoo account from the mobile .

What is Badoo?

Badoo emerged in 2006 in England, the premise of this Social Network is none other than to meet people based on your interests to make friends and flirt .

It should be noted that the registration of the same is totally free , just an email will suffice to register . It should also be mentioned that we can have access to “special powers” that give us greater chances of meeting people , but they are unlocked with money .

The fact is that like any good social network, Badoo collects information from users, so at a certain point, either because you are tired or for other reasons such as the death of the user , you may want to delete a Badoo account permanently .

How To Delete A Badoo Account Forever

The first thing you have to do is access your Badoo account either from your Android browser or from the official app .

Enter your data in Badoo

The first step to delete the account is… Indeed, enter your data! , in other words login .

Access Your Account Settings

At the top right you will find the configuration icon , click on it.

Now search for the word “account” . Once inside we will see several options regarding our Badoo account .

Hide Account

If you want to hide your account and therefore your data , with this option you can hide it. Obviously this option will not delete it but it will help the anonymity .


It will allow us to end the session in Badoo .

Forgot your badoo password

Typically, if you have forgotten your password , you can recover it thanks to your email .

It should be noted that these options are not bad but they do not help us to delete a Badoo account from the mobile . So if you’ve gotten this far let’s see how it’s done.

How To Delete Badoo Account Without Password

If you are tired of appearing on this social network and want to unsubscribe but can’t remember your password , the first thing you have to do is recover it. To recover your password , just follow these steps:

  • Settings, account, “forgot your password”.

Once this is done , we must assign the email with which we registered and a new password will be sent to the email .

Delete Your Badoo Account

Now you have your password back and you can finally unsubscribe from Badoo . To do this, we go to the same “account” section and go down all the way to where it says “Delete Account” and that’s it .

Delete Badoo Account From Facebook

It is possible that you will not use an email to register on this social network and you will use Facebook to carry out the registration. Although let me tell you that it is not possible to unsubscribe from your Badoo account from Facebook , what we can do is unlink it . In this way there will be no more data crossing between Facebook and our Badoo account .

Log in to your Facebook account

The first step is to access your Facebook account . Then you will have to access the Face profile in the upper right (by clicking on the triangle icon).

Now a menu will be displayed, click where it says “settings” .

If you have done it right on the left you will have a sidebar , look for the word “Applications” and click on it.

Click on “Edit” and several submenus will open, the one that interests us is the one that says ” Applications, websites and plugins “.

It is in this option where we must search for the Badoo application for Facebook and unlink it from it.

Now if we want we can enter our Badoo account and unsubscribe following the aforementioned steps , knowing that Facebook will never cross the data with this social network again .

Well, I don’t think you’ll say that expression anymore… “I want to delete my badoo account and it won’t let me” , I hope I have solved your problem. If you have any questions you can write me below in the comment box , I promise to answer. I would really appreciate if you share the article and thank you very much for your time.