How to Delete a Child Profile on HBO Max

Have you created a child profile on HBO Max by mistake and would like to know how to delete it ? Well welcome to MrAppsGeek throughout this simple article you will learn how to delete a child profile on HBO Max step by step .

Can You Delete A Child Profile On HBO Max Created By Mistake?

On Netflix, for example, you can remove the restrictions on a child’s profile without having to delete it , however on HBO Max the same does not happen. This leads us to the situation that if you created a profile for children by mistake, you will have to delete it since the platform only allows the use of 5 profiles per account.

So in answer to your question, YES , it is possible to delete a child profile on HBO Max that we have accidentally created .

What Happens When You Delete A Kids Profile From HBO Max?

Deleting a kids profile from HBO Max will erase all data associated with that profile , including playlist, viewing history, and custom settings .

Kid profiles on HBO Max are designed to provide a safe and child-friendly viewing experience , so removing one of these profiles may affect the way your child accesses and enjoys content on the app.

How to Delete a Child Profile on HBO Max Step by Step 2023

The first thing we must do is enter the official app and select the icon of our profile image that is located just above on the right.

Then we will give it right where it says “Change the Profile” .

On the profile selection screen we will go to the bottom and enter the option that the application offers us to manage them .

We select the child profile that we want to delete .

Obviously we will have to enter the PIN to continue (remember that you can always change it in case you forget it ).

Once inside the child profile we can give it at the bottom where it says “Delete” .

Finally, a notice will appear alerting us that if we permanently delete the profile , we will lose all its settings and preferences. If we have clear ideas, we will only have to click on “Delete” .

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