How to DELETE A PHOTO From Facebook Easy and Fast

With its more than 2.4 million active monthly users, Facebook is still today the most used social network on the entire planet. And it is that day after day an overwhelming amount of data is uploaded in the form of content and images in which each user contributes their “grain of sand” to make this giant a bigger medium. That is why, over time, you may have many images hosted in your account and you have decided to start cleaning. Well, in today’s tutorial you will learn how to delete a Facebook photo in just a few steps , all very well explained to do it as quickly as possible.

How To Delete Photos From Facebook Fast And Easy 2023

Deleting a photo from Facebook forever 2023 is very easy and you will only have to follow these steps:

  1. We enter the profile of our account .
  2. We will go to the “Photos” tab .
  3. We look at the left side where to put «Albunes» , once located we enter inside.
  4. We enter the album that contains the Facebook photo that we want to delete and click on the upper right part of it.
  5. In the menu below we give it where it says “Delete This Photo” .

A message will appear asking us:

Are you sure you want to delete this photo?

We will therefore click on “Delete” .

In this simple way you can delete photos from Facebook quickly .

How To Delete Facebook Photos From Posts Easy And Fast 2023

On the other hand, it may be the case that you want to permanently remove Facebook photos from your posts . To delete them, all you have to do is enter your account and search for the photo whose publication you want to delete:

  1. Once located we will give the top right to the 3 horizontal points .
  2. And then we enter “Delete” .

Delete Facebook Post Photo Forever 2023

Now a window will appear in which we are asked if we want to permanently delete that Facebook post , so we will click on “Delete” .

And these would be the simple steps to delete a photo from Facebook fast and easy 2023 . If you have any questions you can always leave a comment and don’t forget to share this tutorial with your social networks… Thank you very much!