How To Delete An Instagram Comment From Other People

Social networks are the central axis of our day to day, they are essential not only to communicate but for tasks as simple as finding a job. The first thing a company is going to do before hiring you, especially if it is a job in the world of communication or facing the public, is to inspect your social networks to find out what you post and how you interact with your followers.

It is possible that you have had an unfortunate comment that now appears in your publications if you cannot remove it, for this there is a solution. If you keep reading we are going to teach you how to delete an Instagram comment from other people .

Reasons why an Instagram comment can be deleted

Deleting an Instagram comment is more common than it seems, it is something that all celebrities and influencers who use Instagram have been doing for a long time. The reasons for wanting to delete a comment from this resolution can be very varied:

You change your opinion

Instagram is a social network with more than 8 years of experience behind it, in that time you have been able to say many things that you now regret, especially comments from past years. It is understandable that this way of expressing an opinion and speaking no longer represents you, over the years people change and it is possible that you do not want there to be a trace of what you commented on at one point.

A mistake

This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for deleting a comment, it doesn’t matter if you or someone else who commented on one of your posts made a mistake. Instagram allows the deletion of comments, so you can correct the error.

bad taste comments

People who have a certain number of followers on social networks know very well that not everyone can like them, nor does everyone think the same way as them.

Sometimes there are quite toxic users who only use social networks to hurt with their hurtful words. If you have had the bad luck to come across one of these users, you will be able to delete those comments that you consider customers or unpleasant.

Is It Possible To Delete Someone Else’s Instagram Post?

Instagram is a social network in which appearance matters more than ever, it is essential to have a clean feed and give a good image to other users. Deleting someone else’s Instagram comment is not only possible , but often highly recommended.

Depending on the type of comment that person has made, it can have a series of consequences for you. It’s possible that he hurt your feelings, you feel attacked, or he was just unlucky and messed up your post. If the other person’s comment has been very popular, the rest of the users of this social network will no longer pay attention to your publication but to that comment.

Before proceeding to delete those comments with which you no longer want to be linked, you have to be clear about one thing. You will only be able to delete those comments that you have made yourself or those that have been made in any of your publications. You will not be able to delete a random comment that has been made on a photo or video that you have not published .

If I Delete An Instagram Comment Does The Other Person Find Out?

If the fact that the other person can find out that you have deleted their comment makes you back, the truth is that you do not have to worry since Instagram does not notify the other user that you have deleted their comment . Instagram is a very discreet platform in this regard.

Although this social network cannot do anything if the other person goes to your profile or views one of your posts again and realizes that you have deleted their comment. The app will automatically delete the comment for both you and anyone who sees that post again.

How to Delete Comments on Instagram on Android and iOS 2023

The latest Instagram updates have focused on making the task of managing the activity of other users on your profile easier. Now Instagram makes it much easier for the account owner to remove inappropriate comments.

To be able to delete a comment on Instagram from another person, you just have to follow the following steps:

First open the Instagram app, it doesn’t matter if you do it from an Android or iOS device, the inner workings of the app are the same for both. then you have to locate that comment you want to delete. Keep in mind that you will only be able to delete comments that you have made or that other people have made in any of your publications.

Once you have located the comment, the deletion process will only take a minute. Press on that comment for a few seconds until it is highlighted in blue, on some devices it may be gray or not highlighted at all and the options panel will open.

At the top of the application you will see the typical deleted trash can, you just have to click on that icon and the comment will be permanently deleted.

How to delete an Instagram comment from the browser 2023

This option to delete an Instagram comment is available for all operating systems that use the application, also for the web version of Instagram.

In the case of the web version, you will have to view the comment you want to delete. Then you can keep pressing until the text is highlighted in a color or a window with options appears, depending on the operating system you may also be able to do it by right-clicking with the mouse or touchpad on that comment.

To delete this comment you just have to press the “delete” option and it will disappear a second later.

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